Post Procedural Care

You have just undergone a procedure , it is a new experience for you and the people around who are attending you, but there is nothing to get alarmed , we have compiled a few instructions which are aimed at making your recovery comfortable , you will find them helpful and easy to follow 

Abhishek Day Care Institute & Medical Research Centre,

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Open Hours: M-F: 8am – 9pm

  1. You may feel a little dizzy or groggy , this is normal as you may have been given a sedative in the form of injection , tablet or syrup. Do not drive ,do not do any work that needs concentration or fine Co -ordination for at least 24 hours.
  2. Pain: A little discomfort or pain will be experienced during the procedure. Please take the analgesic which has been prescribed to you, as instructed, or use a hot water bottle, hot fomentation, or seitz bath. Normally, by the end of one hour, the pain should reduce, if it still persists, then you may need injectable pain killers. Contact your family physician or if possible, one of our team of doctors will attend to you.
  3. Dressing: Dressing during the operation is normally taken off after two days, but it can be taken off earlier if it gets wet while having a bath or it is soaked with discharge of blood.
  4. Medications: All medications are to be taken after food unless specified otherwise.
  5. Diet: Eat everything, except oily and spicy food. Eat plenty of salads, greens vegetables and fruits, unless specified otherwise. Chew your food properly and completely.
  6. Bath: Have a sponge bath as long as the dressing is there, normal bath can be taken once the dressing is off.
  7. Exercise: Walking, climbing stairs one at a time, sitting on the floor, squatting and doing light work at home is expectable, avoid strenuous work, weight lifting or running.
  8. Instructions given to you has to be followed carefully. If in doubt, do not hesitate in calling us. We will try to solve your problems to the best of our ability.
  9. Follow up regularly.