Also called as incision and drainage, for the treatment of pus collection under the skin, can be due to several types of infection. This can be due to hair follicle infection or injury leading to infection. The boils which become big and painful, has to be drained, by a simple surgical nick.


Removal of your diseased appendix, which has been causing recurrent problems, can be done in selected patients as a day care.


 Closure of the enlarged ear pierced hole, so that you can comfortably wear new earrings.


Surgical removal of the Prepuce, that is, the foreskin of the penis. For the treatment of recurrent infection of the prepuce, causing narrowing and difficulty in the retraction of the foreskin. Also, for religious purpose.


 Clean Lacerated Wound- suturing of the cuts and tears in the skin. Usually due to accident.


As the name suggests, looking into your abdominal cavity for the cause of your painful conditions, such as injury to your internal organs, twisting of your intestines, collection of pus, or lump in the abdominal cavity, tuberculosis of the abdomen / intestines, which cannot be seen by any other method of investigative modality.


For children and adults, we use a special gun for this purpose which is more scientific and clean.


A direct visualization for the diagnosis of diseases like Stomach ulcers, Oesophageal reflux disease, rectal or colonic cancers, rectal or colonic inflammatory diseases, etc.


Complete or partial removal of lumps and bumps from the body. This can be 100% cure or the first step towards the final treatment. Such as, breast lump, Lymph node, Lipoma, Sebaceous cyst, Skin, Liver, Nerve, Corns, Warts, etc.


Excision or lying open of Fistula-in-ano. There are simple fistulas and complex fistulas, depending on the type, the surgical procedure varies.


Collection of fluid in the scrotum, causing a swelling, which is usually pain free but inconvenient, small surgery has to be done to remove the fluid in such a way that it does not recur.


 In growth of the toe nail, leading to pain and infection, recurrent fungal infection, causing destruction of the nail or infection in a diabetic patient, need to be treated by partial or total removal of the nail.


 Enlarged blood vessels (vein) supplying to the testis, causes pain and sometimes, can cause infertility, ligation of the blood vessel, takes care of the problem.


 Ligation and cutting of the vas, the operation for sterilization. Simple procedure, best method for male contraception.