Minimally Invasive:

  1. Local Hydrocortisone injection
  2. Joint aspiration
  3. Needle biopsy
  4. Skeletal traction

Endoscopic Procedures:

  1. Arthroscopy: Diagnostic / Therapeutic.
  2. Epidural injection

Open procedure :

  1. Trauma: Fracture fixation (radius ulna): a) External fixator application,  b) Implant removal
  2. Infective: Incision & drainage, wound wash
  3. Open Biopsy: Infection, tumour
  4. Excision biopsy: Bursa, Ganglion,lipoma
  5. Contracture release: Polio, cerebral palsy
  6. Soft tissue release: carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger thumb, Tenosinovitis, Transfer of ulnar nerve.

The diseases mostly affects men, in particularly hairy men. The combination of buttock friction and shearing forces in that area allows shed hair or broken hair which have been collected in cleft resulting into infection abscess burst and form sinus.