Abhishek Day Care Hospital

Insurance Claims

  1. Patients first consulting paper should match the discharge summary, such as, diagnosis, presenting complaints, treatment, medicines.
  2. Investigations which have been done, should correspond to the list of investigation asked by you.
  3. Past history like hypertension, d.m., other old ailments, with their durations, to be mentioned only after asking the patient, as they may not have mentioned them at the time of doing their medical insurance. Better to make two copies of the consulting paper, one for us and one for the insurance company, these may be different in certain aspects like the mention of b.p., etc. Correct name, age, etc. Also to be checked.
  4. All receipts of medications, treatment, visits, etc., should match with the first consulting paper, follow up paper and discharge paper. Along with the contents, that is, the name of the medicines.
  5. Admission papers should have the same diagnosis and treatment as in the discharge summary, both should mention the registration no. Of the nursing home and the doctor, along with the patient indoor no. Name of the father should be mentioned in the admission paper.
  6. Follow up paper should be complete.
  7. You need to show at least one day admission, therefore, the discharge summary, admission paper, your record in the admission or consent register should be the same.
  8. Temperature, b.p., pulse, treatment prescribed, etc., should be mentioned in the nursing paper and should be complete.
  9. Xerox copies of the admission paper and nursing chart, have to be given to the patient. Copy of consulting paper, discharge summary and any fitness or other medical certificate given, should be kept with us for record.
  10. Copies can be saved in the computer or on paper, in a file.

REMEMBER, THE SLIGHTEST DIFFERENCE IN THE PAPERS CAN CAUSE REJECTION OF THE CLAIM. For further details on Mediclaim and Insurance Claim kindly Contact Us.