Welcome to The Multi-Speciality Abhishek Day Care Hospital

Abhishek Day Care

Dr. M.M.Begani, a well known surgeon of Mumbai, came up with this idea of setting up a Day Care Centre for patients who needed “Ambulatory Surgery” or non- emergency surgery thus saving these patients from hospitalization , unnecessary expenses and trouble for procedures which does not require them.


Minimally Invasive:

  1. Local Hydrocortisone injection
  2. Joint aspiration
  3. Needle biopsy
  4. Skeletal traction

Endoscopic Procedures:

  1. Arthroscopy: Diagnostic / Therapeutic.
  2. Epidural injection

Open procedure :

  1. Trauma: Fracture fixation (radius ulna): a) External fixator application,  b) Implant removal
  2. Infective: Incision & drainage, wound wash
  3. Open Biopsy: Infection, tumour
  4. Excision biopsy: Bursa, Ganglion,lipoma
  5. Contracture release: Polio, cerebral palsy
  6. Soft tissue release: carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger thumb, Tenosinovitis, Transfer of ulnar nerve.


Founder President of NCTTC

Founder President of NCTTC

Founder President IADS

Founder President IADS - Day Care Surgery In India

Past President of NJDF

Dr. Manmal Manikchand Begani Past President of NJDF