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Abhishek Day Care

Dr. M.M.Begani, a well known surgeon of Mumbai, came up with this idea of setting up a Day Care Centre for patients who needed “Ambulatory Surgery” or non- emergency surgery thus saving these patients from hospitalization , unnecessary expenses and trouble for procedures which does not require them.



Abhishek day care has facilities to admit patients on a day care basis. It has a well equipped operation theatre with state of the art equipment for all endoscopic surgery. It provides excellent facilities not only for routine general surgical procedures but also for a wide range of gynecological, urological, and cosmetic surgery procedures. We have a team of experts visiting the center on a daily basis and providing care in these specialities.

Scope of gynecological services at Abhishek Day Care
Gynecological consultation for full range of womens issues.
Pap smear examination
Antenatal and post natal care
Infertility assessment and limited assisted reproductive techniques

Surgical procedures
Evacuation Of Retained Products Of Conception
Insertion and removal of intrauterine systems
Drainage and marsupialization of Bartholins cyst
Dilatation and curettage
Cervical Cautery
Diagnostic Hysteroscopy
Diagnostic laparoscopy
Operative laparoscopy
Removal of ovarian cysts
Tubal sterilization
Removal of lost IUCD
Ovarian Drilling for PCOS
Removal of Hydrosalpinges


Founder President of NCTTC

Founder President of NCTTC

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Founder President IADS - Day Care Surgery In India

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Dr. Manmal Manikchand Begani Past President of NJDF