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Abhishek Day Care

Dr. M.M.Begani, a well known surgeon of Mumbai, came up with this idea of setting up a Day Care Centre for patients who needed “Ambulatory Surgery” or non- emergency surgery thus saving these patients from hospitalization , unnecessary expenses and trouble for procedures which does not require them.



  1. We provide comprehensive care for diabetes with proper diagnosis,treatment & preventive education for foot care with other precautions.
  2. Newly diagnosed patients are taught about various aspects of diabetes like symptoms of hypoglycemia, precautions and first aid treatment, complications. Diagnosis of sugar level by urine and blood testing.
  3. Treatment- by diet, exercise, oral medications, insulin injections, insulin infusion pumps , etc.
  4. Foot care-infection requiring debridement & dressing is regularly done.use of proper foot wear ,to prevent and for early healing of foot ulcers.


Founder President of NCTTC

Founder President of NCTTC

Founder President IADS

Founder President IADS - Day Care Surgery In India

Past President of NJDF

Dr. Manmal Manikchand Begani Past President of NJDF