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Abhishek Day Care

Dr. M.M.Begani, a well known surgeon of Mumbai, came up with this idea of setting up a Day Care Centre for patients who needed “Ambulatory Surgery” or non- emergency surgery thus saving these patients from hospitalization , unnecessary expenses and trouble for procedures which does not require them.



  1. Biopsies cab be taken under local or general anaesthesia. Eg Cancer of cervix,oropharyngeal cancer, breast cancer & gastrointestinal cancer.
  2. Chemotherapy drugs for various tumors can be given in a day care centre.
  3. Venous access difficult in many cancer patient therefore indwelling venous catheter are used regularily. These catheter require regular flushing with heparin & dressing which can be done.
  4. Blood & blood products can be administered to cancer patient.

Besides these patient education & screening programs can be done at ADC.


Founder President of NCTTC

Founder President of NCTTC

Founder President IADS

Founder President IADS - Day Care Surgery In India

Past President of NJDF

Dr. Manmal Manikchand Begani Past President of NJDF