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Dr. M.M.Begani, a well known surgeon of Mumbai, came up with this idea of setting up a Day Care Centre for patients who needed “Ambulatory Surgery” or non- emergency surgery thus saving these patients from hospitalization , unnecessary expenses and trouble for procedures which does not require them.

Fistula In Ano

It is a track which connects the external opening on the perianal skin to an area in the depth of the anal canal or rectum. It mainly caused due to anorectal abscess which burst or it opened inadequately.
It may be seen in Tuberculosis & in association with Crohns disease very rarely.
Patient will present with repeated episodes of painful swelling near anal verge, burst with pus discharge.




  1. Fistulotomy: The fistula is incised from external to internal opening.The floor of the tract is scooped & wound heals by granulation.
  2. Fistulectomy: Tract is excised from external to internal opening.
  3. Sphincter saving fistulectomy : Tract is cored from the external to the internal opening protecting the damage to the sphincter.
  4. Seton: In most complicated and high level fistula, this thread passes through the fistulous tract.

Post Operative Instruction: 

  1. Antibiotics for few days, pain killer, stool softener and laxative to allow smooth passage of stool which will help to reduce the pain.
  2. After passing of stool, patient should sit in warm water tub for 15 min.
  3. Daily dressing with antiseptic ointment should be done, the wound must be kept clean.
  4. Once in a week patient must go to see surgeon for follow-up.

Above mentioned surgery can be easily done as day care surgery in Abhishek Day Care Centre, patient will be discharged on the same day.


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Founder President of NCTTC

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